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Welcome to our online community!

This is a place to celebrate and enjoy what we do, as addiction professionals and individuals interested in the field of recovery. Get ready to make new friends, increase your knowledge, and get involved.

But first, a few ground rules. Granted, most of us will never encounter a situation in which censorship or reprimands are necessary in order to ensure an atmosphere that supports these goals.

However, forum moderators do reserve the right to edit or modify entries which appear to be slanderous or libelous in nature; those which make unsupported and derogatory comments about the individuals or populations we serve, or any statements which include hate speech. This includes labels or slurs based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Disagreements and debates are welcomed and encouraged. Personal attacks are not OK.

Always remember that we represent our professional field and our commitment to the field of recovery.

At times, it is natural to use anecdotes about our own professional experiences to illustrate concepts or to make a point. However, we must be vigilant in guarding the confidentiality of our clients. Always disguise any facts which could cause someone to be identified.

The opinions expressed on this site represent an ongoing discussion of best-practice in the field, by addiction professionals and students of drug and alcohol studies. However, the opinions, links, and resources you encounter here are neither endorsed nor fact-checked by CAADAC, the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors. As always, do your homework.

For CAADAC’s official position on issues related to certification, membership, and practice, please refer to CAADAC’s Scope of Practice statement, the Code of Ethics, corporation bylaws, and other corporate identity materials available for your review on CAADAC’s official website, CAADAC.org.

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